Foodie Me


We are a group of individuals who run a food blog. We do it because we like it! All of us started individually as food blog writers and we were the best and worst reviewers of each other, then we decided to group together and start a collective blog/website which has all our writings.
What You Can Expect

  • All of us come from different background and ethnicity and thus our blog has the variety you would want in a food recipe website.
  • We do a lot of research and try new items and then post as written and video blogs so that it is easy to follow. If you know of an item but don’t know how to prepare it and it is not listed on our website then let us know. We would find out the recipe, try it and then post it for you.
  • We also have a special section on nutrition and dietary plans; this section just focuses on providing nutritional information of various common food items and guidance on how to improve the nutritional value of a common food item.
  • We also have good dietary plans on our site which you can follow to reduce your weight. Though we do not claim to be alternative to proper medical guidance we do provide home remedies to kick start a weight loss program. If you are looking to shed only a few pounds then we have solutions.
  • We have separate section for various kinds of food like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, kosher, paleo, gluten-free etc. We also have suggestions on replacement for certain allergies like soy milk for lactose resistant people etc. and provide suggestions to improve the taste when using such substitutes.
  • We also have a section where you just input the ingredients and then automatically the possible recipes are displayed. This has been widely appreciated by our regular visitors.

Try to make a recipe from our site and let us know your feedback.