Types Of Food Blogs


Food has also changed with technology. What started from mere hunting for food and cultivating whatever that grows locally has now transformed in to fast food that can be had all over the world with the same taste. Whatever that was supposed to be available only locally is now available worldwide. With growth in technology people are also looking for variety on their plate and are willing to try out various types of food and cuisines.
Most people can cook and everyone has their own favourite dish that they like to eat and also prepare. What was shared as recipe between friends and came down across generations, popularly called as grandma’s recipe are now readily available over the internet. There are many people who have great interest in cooking and trying out new dishes or posting their method of cooking online and in blogs. These are food blogs, which are dedicated to posting only recipes and anything related to food. They are very popular as everyone wants to have variety. There are different types of food blogs, below is a brief description of them

Amateur Blogs:
Many blogs are actually this kind of blog, where out of their own interest people post recipes. Many recipes are of common food items that you eat in day to day life and rarely can you find special grandma’s recipes. This is also the place where there can be many tips and tricks posted by people that have come through the ages. If one is looking for a regular dish, this is where one can find it.

Cuisine Specific Blogs:
The cuisine specific blogs are also mostly amateur blogs as many people post dishes that they prepare at their homes. Due to these dishes being specific to their region of living, it would be specific to a cuisine.

Professional Blogs:
In these blogs one can find more exotic dishes and these blogs are written by renowned chefs or people who had undergone training or are serving as chefs at various restaurants. Though they may not give out secrets of the trade, they may write about some popular dishes. There are also some blogs that try to make money in terms of having advertisements, though this is also applicable to amateur blogs , one can expect more page visits in such professional blogs.

Video Blogs:
Since cooking is an art, it is better if presented visually; one can have a better look at the ingredients and dishes that are prepared. In some preparations one has to switch off the fire when an item is half cooked or changes to a light colour rather than dark. These kinds of effects are easily visible when seen on a video. People take videos of them cooking and post them as well. These kind of blogs are popular than text based blogs due to their visual nature.

Food Type Specific:
These types of blogs are more specific to people’s preference than cuisine. For example, vegetarianism is gaining popularity due to lobbying by various animal rights groups. Thus people are now looking for vegetarian food in their own cuisine and are also willing to explore other cuisines. There are also people who are allergic to certain kind of foods and there are blogs for them.

Nutrition Blogs:
There are blogs that focus only on nutrition aspects of a dish and also give weight loss and Fitness Discount Codes guidance. These blogs focus on dietary aspects and suggest weight loss programs. These are mostly written by experts in the field or people who have some knowledge on this. One can follow such blogs to loss a few kilos, there are also suggestions on tackling a specific life style disease. For example, there are blogs that specify food for diabetics and foods that are low in cholesterol or that can reduce blood pressure. These blogs are good if you are either looking to lose weight or have newly discovered that you have a  lifestyle disease and are looking for food items that you can and you cannot eat.
There are also other common blogs that have recipes people write. Thus whether it is any particular dish or any specific cuisine or cooking style you are looking for then all answers are available in the form of blogs. There are also tips and tricks in improving taste of a dish and tackling diseases with natural ingredients.